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Enjoy the meanwhile

So here we are. Our very own blog.. which is, in fact, not specifically intended to discuss the ins and outs of acupuncture, highlight the benefits of Chinese medicine or underpin the deep philosophical roots of elusive concepts such as Qi. There is a plethora of resources out there that could cater to those lines of inquiry. Instead, this blog is borne out of the current challenging times, and the restless, uneasy feeling we have been experiencing in recent years.

We seem to live in an era where disruptive technology, financial insecurity, deep distrust in institutional authority, and a confused, fractured society have made us feel more isolated, fearful, and anxious. I always felt that history was something you did in history class, in school. Now it feels like history is a custard pie that was thrown in our collective face.

Alarming as it sounds, the truth is that if you are experiencing this it means you are normal. You are not losing your mind. You, us, we all, currently or periodically express physical and mental manifestations which reflect very relevant concerns in the face of an environment that projects insecurity and instability. This is perfectly legitimate behavior…and like everything else in life, it will pass. It may even pass like a kidney stone, but nonetheless, it shall pass.

So in the meantime, in order to remind ourselves of constants amidst change, of our inherent resilience, our physical and mental strength, and our love for life and the community we are part of, we collate in this blog some of the quotes, poems, short inspirational and thought-provoking talks and our very own muses that we found helpful as support along the way. A little light to shine some perspective, solace, and connectivity in these interesting times. Something that may help us all to enjoy the meanwhile.


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